Nigor Net B.V. is an European company that’s creative and market driven, handling product development, sales and marketing for some of the most recognizable brand names in the recreational industry.

Welcome in the Eureka! Experience Centre

The Eureka! Experience centre is our 2000m² exhibition area for clients and our customers who would like to see our full product range. Experience our products accompanied by our professional staff, watch product video, collect our brochures and other product sheets.

Revolutionary 'E-tailing' Concept

Nigor net B.V. has created an innovative e-commerce alliance with its authorized retail partners, and We want You to join us!
Unlike other manufacturers’ e-commerce websites, Nigornet e-tailing concept was created specifically with our retailers in mind.

Create 'Your Own' Private Label

We offer a perfect mixture of quality, flexibility, efficiency, confidentiality, competitive pricing and customized service. In close cooperation we identify your needs and serve you not just as a customer, but as a – partner with the same objective: “driving your performance”.

Experience! Quality that Understand You

“Our commitment is the development and distribution of high quality outdoor products, that are build to withstand the climatic and topographic challenges in Europe, from the subtropical regions in the South till the Arctic in the North. We make the recreational gear you need to make your experience more enjoyable, such as tents, backpacks sleeping bags, air mats and other camping accessories” – Nigor